Our Commitment to Quality

Since the beginning, the Airtex Group has had one simple goal: to provide quality products that exceed our customers’ expectations, the first time and every time.

With that in mind, we conduct onsite quality control inspections for every project, following our own strict quality assurance processes and according to all specifications of the client. Inspections begin with raw materials, continue during production, and extend through the finished product. A broad spectrum of testing procedures are available to meet your company’s and your industry’s most stringent quality requirements.


Meeting YOUR Quality Requirements

Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our design, development, and manufacturing processes. We ensure that your designs, or those we’ve developed collaboratively with you, are met to your specifications. Materials are carefully selected for style, quality, and durability. Throughout the entire project cycle, our quality control process ensures that your custom sewn textile products meet your budget, your schedule, and your quality expectations.

Once your products have left our facility, we stand by them 100% while ensure that your strict standards and needs are met every time. As further quality support, we offer overseas manufacturing facilities in Asia that are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Contact Us for Premium Quality Custom Sewn Textile Goods

For decades, the Airtex Group has delivered the highest quality custom sewn textile products on the market. Contact Us to discuss your project’s quality standards.