Custom Sewing, Design & Manufacturing Capabilities

The Airtex Group possesses design and manufacturing capabilities that enable us to deliver custom sewn textile products that match our customers’ unique visions. With an in-house design team, domestic and overseas production, and global sourcing expertise, we have what it takes to turn your ideas into beautiful, cutting-edge products.

We proudly offer a full range of services to cover the entire life cycle of your product—and beyond. Contact Us today to discuss your project.


Collaborative Product Design & Development

At The Airtex Group, we do more than make products. We create unexpected ideas that meet or exceed customer expectations in form and function. Our expert, in-house team includes product designers, surface designers, and technical engineers who will work directly with you to bring your products to life. We offer design services from conception to prototyping to production, with considerations for both manufacturability and competitive cost.

Design consultation and prototyping are performed at our Minneapolis headquarters. This makes it easier for our customers to join us for face-to-face design brainstorming, and enables us to put a prototype in your hands in just days. Designs can be modified quickly and easily, allowing you to progress through multiple iterations until you find the perfect design for your unique textile product.


We utilize proven manufacturing processes in our domestic and international production facilities, and are committed to the highest levels of quality control. For each project, we conduct on-site quality control inspections to ensure that your custom textile goods meet or exceed your rigorous requirements. It begins with the raw materials, continues through production, and extends through the finished product.

The Airtex Group operates domestic manufacturing facilities in Minnesota, as well as overseas locations in India, China, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Global Sourcing

We provide all the materials and hardware that make up your custom sewn textile products. Cloth, zippers, buttons, snaps, latches, hook-and-loop, magnetic clasps—whatever you need, we’ve got it!

Long-standing partnerships with a network of select global manufacturing partners gives us access to the highest quality materials at highly competitive prices. We offer sourcing on the ground in China, with direct and daily access to the most exclusive materials on the market. Airtex sets trends with our deep strategic sourcing expertise.

Logistics and Warehousing

Airtex has warehouse distribution locations throughout the United States, as well as overseas in China. We offer vendor managed inventory (VMI) solutions, support Just-In-Time delivery requirements, and track imports management, customs optimization, and order management data. In short, our comprehensive analytics capabilities ensure that your products are where they need to be, when you need them—with no exceptions.

Trend Monitoring & Market Research

We continually monitor the market to stay on top of the latest trends in the world of retail textile design. Our team can regularly be found at international trade shows like Paris Design Week, Heimtextil, Maison & Objet, and countless others, and are constantly travelling throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia to spot the newest innovations in fashion and design. From street fashion to exotic textiles to the latest color palettes, we interpret design trends to transform your products for the retail marketplace.

Contact Us for Start-to-Finish Production of Custom Sewn Textile Goods

Whatever your market, whatever your style, whatever your design and manufacturing needs may be, The Airtex Group can do it all. We have the complete, turnkey production capabilities to deliver custom sewn textile goods that match your unique vision. Contact Us today to get started on your project.