Our Process

Our proven process
from initial concept through manufacturing

The Airtex Group has pioneered a process that affords our customers a smooth transition from initial concept through manufacturing and beyond, using our proven five phase method.


In the earliest phase of your project, our Minneapolis-based design team will immerse themselves in your brand and get to know the end user of your product(s) in an effort to create the optimal solution. We devise initial concept drawings, with a focus on enhancing how your product is carried, protected, and presented

The design process continues with the development and refinement of product sketches and continues into prototyping and testing. In-house prototyping enables us to deliver working samples of your custom packaging solution in just days. This lets you test the look and feel of your custom case and evaluate it for performance, aesthetics, cost, and manufacturability.

Once your design is finalized, your project lands with our manufacturing experts, who ensure the quality of every stitch. Along the way, we work hand in hand with you to ensure that the end result meets or exceeds your strict performance, budget, and timeline requirements.

Every project is different, but thanks to our proven five phase process, the results are always the same: high quality custom bags, cases, and packaging solutions that meet the unique needs of our satisfied customers.

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Custom Case & Bag Solutions for OEMs & Private Label Customers

While every project we work on is different, our clients generally fall into one of two categories:


First, there are OEMs who manufacture their own, often fragile products—cameras, medical devices, electronics, etc.—but who don’t have the capabilities to manufacture protective cases for those products. Working with the products themselves and related information supplied by the client, we develop custom bag or case designs around the product itself.

Private Label Customers

We also serve “private label” customers, those who sell individual bags and cases in their stores under a specific brand name. These clients often have completed or close-to-completed designs ready to go, but need someone to manufacture and assemble their products. That’s where Airtex comes in.

Manufacturing Options for All Customers

No matter which category your company falls into, we have the manufacturing capabilities your project needs. We offer full-service production, in which we provide all material and hardware (zippers, snaps, hooks, etc.) and create the product from scratch. We also offer contract custom sewing, in which the client provides the prepared materials, etc., and we sew and assemble them into the final product.

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