Safety & Emergency

Our products and packaging solutions serve a virtually unlimited number of industries and applications.

They range from medical to consumer, and a little bit of everything in between.



Safety & Emergency

First responders, firefighters and paramedics require functionality, durability and ease of access to their equipment in the most stressful scenarios. At The Airtex Group, we manufacture innovative and reliable products for the emergency, fire and rescue markets. In some cases, we manufacture the product itself and in others we design and manufacture the carrying case or bag which is used to transport your device. Our solutions range from life-saving safety harnesses to basic first-aid kit bags.

safety-thumbWe build products at the highest quality levels, which meet the strict standards and testing requirements for these important markets. You can be assured that an Airtex custom solution will stand up to the rigors of daily use and perform at the most critical moments. Whether your solution is manufactured in our USA facility which has been featured in multiple publications including the New York Times, or in our world-class factories overseas, Airtex will deliver on your quality and budgetary requirements.

Some examples of our safety & emergency solutions include bags, cases, cut & sew packaging, straps, slings, vests, belts and more.

The Airtex Group leads on design innovation and proven construction techniques for the Safety & Emergency market. Please contact us and put our expertise to work on your next project!
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