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The Airtex Group’s custom product bags and custom product cases are used by customers in a virtually unlimited number of industries and applications. Whatever your market, we can develop the perfect custom solution to enhance how your product is carried, protected, and presented.

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automotive bags


We are a full service provider to the auto industry. We make a wide range of production and accessory products in textile, plastics, and metals. We also provide bundle opportunities such as Emergency, First Aid, and DOT kits. From specialty hooks to and clips to luggage, bags, and covers, we work with you to develop your custom product. With our team and resources, we provide innovative solutions to meet your needs.


medical bags


We know the medical device industry inside and out, from the Fortune 500 to emerging technologies and start-ups. We’ve developed custom cases and sewn products for defibrillators, CPAP machines, and much more. Our custom solutions are designed for use by medical professionals and patients alike in hospitals, home care settings, and on the go.


custom medical bags

Safety & Emergency

First responders, firefighters and paramedics require functionality, durability, and easy access to their equipment in the most stressful scenarios. Airtex provides everything from first aid kit bags to safety harnesses, and has developed innovative, reliable products for emergency, fire, and rescue teams around the world.

custom bags for electronics


From consumer electronics like headphones and tablets to high-end professional audio equipment and musical instrument cases, our cutting edge, lightweight designs provide the ultimate in portability and protection. Airtex will work with you to develop a one-of-a-kind carry solution for your product. Our goal is to not only make your product better, but also to increase your sales.


custom sewing

Custom Sewing

Our USA production facility caters to a wide range of custom cut and sew products and offers domestic contract sewing. Our turnkey services include everything from material sourcing to sewing and assembly to final delivery. From pouches and holsters to bags, blankets, tents, and more, we process-driven, top quality custom contract sewing.

custom cases for instrumentation


When a job requires the transfer of advanced testing equipment, expensive tools, or other sensitive instruments, they need to be secure regardless of where or how they’re transported. Airtex has been supplying custom cases and sewn products for industrial instrumentation for decades. From handheld devices to large, complex systems, we can deliver the perfect custom solution.


custom sewing for consumer products


From tools and outdoor products to consumer durables, sporting goods, and promotional items, our diverse expertise helps our customers drive sales and increase profitability. Airtex designs our custom bags and cases for protection, portability, and ease of use, and we’ll work with you to develop the high quality, high performance product you need.


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