We’re proud to offer a full range of capabilities to our valued customers.

With services covering the entire product life cycle and beyond, we strive to make your life easier.



  • Domestic and international factories
  • Rapid prototyping in the USA and Asia
  • Cost-effective manufacturing techniques
  • Quality assured
  • ISO certified production facilities in Asia


  • Global sourcing team
  • Sourcing on the ground in China
  • Access to the most cutting-edge materials and technologies
  • We determine the right materials to complement your product


  • Vendor Managed Inventory solutions
  • Support of Just in Time or Kanban delivery requirements
  • Warehouse distribution in Minnesota, Washington and China
  • Imports management and customs optimization
  • Order management

Product Design

  • Minneapolis-based Design Center
  • Innovative, creative solutions for our customers’ unique requirements
  • In-house, experienced product designers, surface designers and technical engineers
  • Unique, well-designed solutions at competitive prices

Testing & Compliance

  • Knowledge and experience with RoHS, REACH, California Prop 65
  • Deep knowledge and experience across multiple industries
  • Specialty materials requirements including anti-flammability and anti-microbial
  • Conflict minerals and the Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals Amendment